BBC Polls 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century

100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century

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How The Actors of Coen Brothers Film Connect

A brilliant UK graphic artist, Tom Muller, decided it would be best to utilize the Coen Brother’s extensive film catalog to create an infographic to depict how all the actors relate to one another. You can check out Tom’s site HelloMuller and check the infographic after the jump to see the well done chart.

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Neato: Worth 1000’s Mate A Movie 15

DutchPuh's Pandora Twilight

The creative host,, that gives many graphic artists a place to upload their fun work and give younglings tutorials on graphic design have come out with their 15th annual “Mate a Movie 15” poster mash-up design contest winners. There are a lot of funny ones, a lot about Avatar, and I have a good amount here (most of which are my favorites). You can check them out if you keep reading after the jump!

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