Reflecting on 1000 Posts – Where Do We Go From Here?

Turn the Right Corner 1000 Posts

On June 3, 2009, I embarked on a journey into the deepest reaches of the Internets – birthing what would now become, as you know it, Turn The Right Corner. Never having the intention to making it a fully-fledged website, TTRC has now grown to heights I never anticipated. Three and a half years later, the 1000th post has arrived. Keep reading to see what has, is, and will become of Turn The Right Corner.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea what I was doing when this started. If you dare look back at some of the first hundred posts, they are probably insulting to any one who writes full-time. I never meant to make this website a part of my life, but it is as if I have grown another limb. I was hooked.

When I began, I was but a humble, everyday movie goer. Sites such as /Film, Screen Rant, Film Drunk, Topless Robot, Bloody Disgusting, Cinema Blend, Ain’t It Cool News, and Pajiba were then and still are daily sources for my everyday passion. I look up to all of the writers on these sites and others – their dedication to the the industry is unparalleled as to what I have yet to achieve.

Turn The Right Corner has given me opportunities I never thought possible, but as I look back, there are no ends as to what this website could accomplish if I just push myself to make it happen. There have been low points on this site when there have been less than 10 posts a month – and I should honestly be well over 1000 posts by now – but within the last half a year I have made it a priority to make TTRC stronger than ever.

Contributing to other websites (Game Rant, Sound on Sight, and Buzz News Chicago), has really helped me grow as a writer and I am forever thankful for the time I have had with them. If this website happens to lead me to other outlets, I would gladly consider them with open arms.

I won’t lie, the perks for writing about what you love are fantastic. Having to write stories for concerts, E3, and Comic-Con 2012 while attending those events is a dream come true. I look forward to the day where I have built enough credibility in TTRC so I can go to these big events without having to rely on anyone but myself. CES, SXSW, and Sundance would be ideal, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

As we move into the last remnants of 2012, there are many ways I am looking to expand Turn The Right Corner. One of the biggest things I am looking to begin as soon as possible is writing movie reviews. Now equipped with Movie Pass, I aim to see as many new movie releases as humanly possible next year. The goal is to have my reviews considered professional enough to join the San Diego Film Critics Society.

This year, I have considerably increased my TV coverage, but I would like to do more while also focusing more on video games too. I’m at the point where I would love more friends or other contributing writers to help out – I can’t be around all of the time and cover everything I would like to. The only way this site can get bigger is if there is more content. There are also different original post ideas I have yet been able to establish besides reviving Box Office Battlefield.

In closing, I must thank everyone who has and will support Turn The Right Corner. Since this February, I have submitted my site to paid advertising and I appreciate anyone who has stuck with me. These ads help pay my way into movies and keep this site running. Every view counts and I am very grateful for the audience I have and am look forward to growing.

Thank you!

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On a side note:

Since it has been three and a half years whence TTRC began, I have looked back to see how much my movie palette has grown.

In the summer of 2009, Empire Online created a list of the 500 greatest movies of all time. Back then I had only seen 140 out of the possible 500. But now I have increased that number to 222, which is 44% of that list to the previous 28%. I still have a pretty decent sized shame-list, but no where near as big as before.

Periodically, I still like to record how many new movies I see that I have never seen before. What started as an attempt to see 100 new movies in the summer of 2009 grew to 365 movies I have never seen within a year’s time. The final count was 390 – let’s just say I had a lot of free time.

In 2011, I had only seen 181. And as of today, I am only at a measly 117 in 2012. To my calculations, after TTRC began, I have seen 688 movies I have never seen before within three and a half years. There are still many Best Picture nominees/winners I have yet to see – that list has not been updated since – and I will try and make more time to see more movies and knock out my shame-list.

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