2013 Fall/Winter Movie Season Preview

2013 Fall and Winter Movie Season Preview

The Fall season doesn’t start officially begin until September 22, but in the movie industry, the end of August culminates the Summer movie season, and thus begins the preparation of Oscar season. For your viewing pleasure, TTRC has compiled a full list of films that are releasing up til the end of the year. After the break, find out what movies you should be anticipating for this Fall and Winter.

It’s going to be a rather strong year end stretch of movies after long summer of explosions and duds. There is only one true horror movie coming out this October, and it is a remake. This will be the first October in four years we haven’t seen a Paranormal Activity movie; but we are getting two next year. The big trend toward the end of 2013 is that we’ll be seeing over 10 adaptations based on true stories. Out of the 58 new releases this Fall/Winter, 20 of them will be Rated R and only three animated films for the kids. Without further delay, on to the movies:


Box Office Aftermath 'Riddick' Kicks off Fall Movie Season

Riddick (Rated R) – September 6  – Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick’s past.

I’m not sure who was asking for this movie other than Vin Diesel, who fronted a good portion of the budget himself, but we’re getting a new Riddick movie whether we like it or not. From the looks of things, the franchise has toned down some of the more political elements from Chronicles of Riddick and brings us back to its Pitch Black roots. If the filmmakers make this as thrilling and fun as the original, than fans should be happy to have Riddick back on the big screen.

Box Office Aftermath James Wan 'Insidious Chapter 2'

Insidious: Chapter 2 (Rated PG-13) – Sepember 13 – The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

This will be James Wan’s second film this year as both writer and director. The Conjuring proved to be absolutely terrifying, but how will Wan handle a sequel to a very well made original horror? Insidious was pretty clever and chilling genre film by design. I trust Wan to do the right thing, so I am not too worried about how Insidious: Chapter 2 will play out.

The Family Movie 2013

The Family (Rated R) – September 13 – The Manzoni family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where fitting in soon becomes challenging as their old habits die hard.

I’m not too thrilled to see yet another mafia movie starring Mel Gibson, but there seems to be an interesting tone and dynamic that The Family brings to the table. I wouldn’t call the film a must see, but the cast itself is worth noting. Michelle Pfeiffer and Diana Agron join the party to create an interesting female voice. I have a feeling that The Family will be pretty forgettable.

Short Term 12 Movie 2013

Short Term 12 (Rated R) – September 13 – A 20-something supervising staff member of a foster care facility navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend.

I saw this film a few weeks back and it is one of the best movies you will see this year. The cast is incredibly genuine and the story is simply fantastic. The movie is so well directed and written that you want to find something bad about this movie. The funny thing is you cant. This has Oscar darling written all over it. This the Winter’s Bone of the year.

Enough Said Movie 2013

Enough Said (Rated PG13) – September 18 – A divorced woman who decides to pursue the man she’s interested in learns he’s her new friend’s ex-husband.

Julie Louis-Dreyfes is not an actress that I can say I’ve seen on the big screen before. I’m sure she has been, but I can only accredit my pop culture knowledge of her from Seinfeld and I’ve never watched Veep. In fact, if you take a look at her filmography on IMDb, this is her first live-action movie since 1997 in Deconstructing Harry. This is also James Gandolfini’s last movie before his untimely passing. Enough Said appears heartfelt, and the director Nicole Holofcener has been known to create strong female leads, so I’m intrigued as to what JLD can bring to the big screen again.

Box Office Battlefield 'Prisoners' and 'Battle of the Year'

Prisoners (Rated R) – September 20 – When Keller Dover’s daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

Procedurals and crime thrillers are never my cup of tea, but the cast of Prisoners has got something going on. Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Terrance Howard, Paul Dano, Melissa Leo, and Jake Gyllenhaal are quite the draw. The trailer looks all right, but nothing too unique to blow me away. If the story proves to be engaging enough to warrant the 150 minute screen time, then kudos.

Battle of the Year Movie 2013

Battle of the Year (Rated PG-13) – September 20 – Battle of the Year attracts all the best teams from around the world, but the Americans haven’t won in fifteen years. Dante enlists Blake to assemble a team of the best dancers and bring the Trophy back to America where it started.

There are some movies that just come way out of left field; Battle of the year is one of them. I want to believe that this is the Pitch Perfect of the year, something completely farfetched enough to be underrated, fun, and highly enjoyable, but there doesn’t seem to be any personality coming from any of the actors involved. Josh Holloway must be really lost to have been cast as a run down basketball coach teaching B-Boys how to be a team.

Thanks for Sharing Movie 2013

Thanks for Sharing  (Rated R) – September 20 – A romantic comedy that brings together three disparate characters who are learning to face a challenging and often confusing world as they struggle together against a common demon: sex addiction.

I’ve see this trailer enough to make me puke. If I don’t see this movie soon enough to get it done and over with I will ram my head through a wall with how fed up I am with hearing the same silly lines repeated over and over. I think Josh Gad has it going on, but the rest of the cast appear to be so flat and uninterested in what’s going on. And this is only the first of two dramedies about sex addiction this year.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Teaser Trailer Screenshot Shrimpanzee and Steve

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Rated PG) – September 27 – Flint Lockwood now works at The Live Corp Company for his idol Chester V. But he’s forced to leave his post when he learns that his most infamous machine is still operational and is churning out menacing food-animal hybrids.

I was caught off guard with how the first Cloudy was able to turn a short children’s story into a well adapted film. Back for seconds, I am very excited to see what this new original sequel will bring. The trailer delivers tons of hilarious food puns, but it’s the food animals and Swallow Falls that captures my attention. I cannot wait to see the colorful world that these filmmakers have created.

Rush Movie 2013

Rush (Rated R) – September 27 – A re-creation of the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

Biopics, another genre that you have to drag me to, but if they’re well done I generally like them. Looking at Rush as a Ron Howard joint, you gotta believe quality is on this film’s side. Casting Chris Hemsworth as a lead is a bold choice, and I am ready to see the god of thunder branch out of the superhero drama. Rush looks like a solid wide release contender for Oscar this year.

Baggage Claim Movie 2013

Baggage Claim (Rated PG-13) – September 27 –  Pledging to keep herself from being the oldest and the only woman in her entire family never to wed, Montana embarks on a thirty-day, thirty-thousand-mile expedition to charm a potential suitor into becoming her fiancé.

Not quite sure who exactly would be interested in such a premise, but Baggage Claim found a way to earn distribution. Perhaps with Paula Patton leading the charge we’ll get something more than what the trailer is conveying. But casting a well to do star has never stopped filmmakers before from turning them into rom-com cliches. I am not putting any faith in this movie whatsoever.

Don Jon Movie Trailer Screenshot 13

Don Jon (Rated R) – September 27 – A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.

The second film this year – this month – to focus on sex addiction. But this kind of sex addiction is that of the porn variety. Don Jon is an absolute blast thanks to first time writer-director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Not only is Don Jon a highly enjoyable flick, it sends a good message through a story that is a pleasure from start to finish.


Gravity Movie 2013

Gravity (Rated PG-13) – October 4 – A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

After almost a decade of patience, Alfonso Cuarón has his Gravity. The thrilling space epic starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock is beyond beautiful and breathtaking based on the trailer alone. There isn’t much to go off of on story for now from the synopsis or the trailers, but Cuarón has never disappointed with any of his projects so far. They showed a five minute clip during Comic-Con in 3D and it was some of the most brilliant 3D to date. SEE THIS IN 3D.

Runner Runner Movie 2013

Runner Runner (Rated R) – October 4 – When a poor college student who cracks an online poker game goes bust, he arranges a face-to-face with the man he thinks cheated him, a sly offshore entrepreneur.

Mr. Affleck is going to have a lot of eyes on him since the announcement of his casting as BatmanRunner Runner definitely does not look like it will help his case to win over haters. Justin Timberlake looks like he’ll be doing some J-Ting with a more dangerous, and less fun version of 21. This is sure to be a stinker and nothing short of a bomb.

Captain Phillips Movie 2013

Captain Phillips (Rated PG-13) – October 11 – The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.

Tom Hanks hits the high seas again, but only this time he’ll be on a boat rather than on an island. Paul Greengrass, the director behind the Bourne trilogy, is helming this excursion and it feels like it will be one of the most gripping tales we’ll see all year. Many will say, “oh we know how this will end.” but if Greengrass can create enough tension and build a fascinating story around Captain Phillips, it won’t even matter how much we know.

Machete Kills Movie 2013

Machete Kills (Rated R) – October 11 – The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

Robert Rodriguez continues to do his own thing and gets wide release distribution, so more power to him. The first Machete was OK, but it seems like this sequel is just so overtop that it’s eating its own tail. Rodriguez has pulled out all the stops to acquire Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Anthonio Banderas, Sofia Vergara, and Charlie Sheen to make up this all-star cast, but will that be enough to compensate for the silliness of the whole concept?

The Fifth Estate Movie 2013

The Fifth Estate (Rated R) – October 11 – A dramatic thriller based on real events, The Fifth Estate reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century’s most fiercely debated organization.

This is the second film of the year to have story content within the plot of a South Park episode. I’m afraid that Trey Parker and Matt Stone may have come up with a funnier, more enjoyable retelling of WikiLeaks than director Bill Condon (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2; Dream Girls). The trailer depicts a very cold and unenthusiastic film that does not give justice to the ideas the story is trying to convey.

Romeo and Juliet Movie 2013

Romeo and Juliet (Rated PG-13) – October 11 – When the star-crossed lovers of two enemy families meet, forbidden love ensues.

Haven’t we suffered enough from this literary tale of star-crossed lovers? This tragic Shakespearean tale of romance becomes weaker with every iteration and there seems to be nothing added to set it apart from the rest. There are not any real big stars other than Paul Giamatti as the Friar, which is completely out of left field. Warm Bodies can get away utilizing the source material in a new and fun way because of how different it is; this Rome and Juliet is simply a very unnecessary remake.

Carrie Movie 2013

Carrie (Not Yet Rated) – October 18 – A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

Speaking of remakes, can we stop with horror remakes? Was there anything wrong with the original Carrie? Not really other than it being pretty dated. Sure, this take on Carrie places our telekinetic friend into our generation and injects cyberbullying into the mix, but it looks like a play-by-play carbon copy. And if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve practically seen the whole movie.

The Escape Plan Movie 2013

Escape Plan (Rated R) – October 18 – When a structural-security authority finds himself incarcerated in a prison he designed, he has to put his skills to escape and find out who framed him.

I like this concept, but would it be better with younger actors? Do Arnold and Stallone have the star power to continue these cheesy B-action movies for baby boomers while Gen-Z have hardly a clue why they should care. It’s worth giving it a shot, but I can’t promise that you’ll get much out of it in the long run. Will Stallone drop the soap?

12 Years a Slave Movie 2013

12 Years a Slave (Rated R) – October 18 – In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery.

There has been whispers and chatter about 12 Years a Slave, which will make its big debut this year at Telluride and TIFF. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, this story of a freeman who must survive the horrors of slavery appears to be very strong. With any Steve McQueen (Hunger; Shame) directed film, expect this to be a very intense and engaging ride. My only concerns is how well the script will play with writer John Ridley (Undercover Brother; The Wanda Sykes Show; Barbershop) behind the pen.

The Counselor Movie 2013

The Counselor (Rated R) – October 25 – A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.

Ridley Scott comes off his most controversial Prometheus and finds himself in the middle of the drug world. Michael Fassbender takes the lead with the star-studded cast, which includes the likes of Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and Brad Pitt. The trailers depict a very hard-hitting, action oriented, thriller drama, and I hope the movie delivers on this promise because the way its set up seems very fascinating.

Bad Grandpa Movie 2013

Bad Grandpa (Not Yet Rated) – October 25 – 86-year-old Irving Zisman is on a journey across America with the most unlikely companion: his 8 year-old grandson, Billy.

Not so sure about this new Jackass venture. I don’t think they’re trying to win over audiences, but at least this movie appears to have some sort of story to it. Unfortunately, as a comedy, the trailer tries really hard to keep your attention by giving away what I can only assume to be a lot of the film’s funniest moments. I would highly recommend avoiding the trailer and just go in knowing it’s a Jackass movie. And if that’s the kind of comedy you like, than you should be golden.


Ender's Game Movie 2013

Ender’s Game (Not Yet Rated) – November 1 – 70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion.

One of the most controversial releases of the year. Not only is the film getting some heat due to the outspoken author of the source material, but Ender’s Game has also been called unfilmmable by many for over the past 20 years. The trailer looks very slick, but the question lies in if Gavin Hood can translate them to the screen. We all know how well he did with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

About Time Movie 2013

About Time (Rated R) – November 1 – At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.

A romantic comedy with time travel and Rachel McAdams, what could go wrong? I’ve seen the trailer for About Time more times than I can count before screenings for movies, and I want to gauge my eyes out and rip off my ears every time. It seems completely cliche, too corny, absolutely the worst time you could have in theaters. And throw all of those negatives in with whether or not it will obey its own time travel logic and we’ve got ourselves a mountain to climb here folks.

Free Birds Movie 2013

Free Birds (Not Yet Rated) – November 1 – Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history – and get turkey off the holiday menu for good.

Didn’t we just talk about time travel? Only this time its about time traveling turkeys. How they have a sense of what time travel is is beyond me. The guys in yellow suits in the trailer almost beg to be compare to the minions from Despicable Me. The animation looks pretty second rate and the jokes sound like there will be more eyes on the floor than popcorn.

Last Vegas Movie 2013

Last Vegas (Rated PG-13) – November 1 – Three sixty-something friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal.

No. Nothing about four, old actors coming together with nothing else better to do than get paid to go to Vegas is inspiring or interestingly new. I expect cliches to plentiful and jokes about prostates and bowel movements frequent. Will they learn to act their age? Will they learn to become better friends? Will they learn to make bygones be bygones? MOSSSSST LIKELY.

Thor The Dark World Movie Trailer Screenshot 17

Thor: The Dark World (Not Yet Rated) – November 8 – Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Here we go. The second full feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since The AvengersFrom what we’ve seen from trailers thus far, Thor: The Dark World is shaping to be one of the most epic films to come out of the MCU. The director, Alan Taylor, is most notable for a few episodes of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and The Sopranos. His style definitely comes through here and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the Marvel world.

Best Man Holiday Movie 2013

The Best Man Holiday (Rated R) – November 15 – When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.

I’m not sure who asked for this sequel to The Best Man, but hey, YOLO? The Best Man, which debuted in 1999 was quite a while away, does the audience still remember the first? The Best Man Holiday is such a niche movie, one would have to wonder how it was greenlit and who funded it.

The Book Thief Movie 2013

The Book Thief (Not Yet Rated) – November 15 – While subjected to the horrors of WWII Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refuge is being sheltered by her adoptive parents.

Another film the studios are really pushing hard trailer wise before screenings. I assume this will be a heartbreaking and touching story, but it feels too Hollywood to really take seriously. Geoffrey Rush is a tremendous actor, but can Sophie Nélisse hold her own as the lead young actress in her first big debut?

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer Screenshot Mockingjay Symbol

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Rated PG-13) – November 22 – Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem.

As much as I despise the first Hunger Games, I have read the books and am really excited the that new director, Francis Lawrence, has in store. The trailers look fantastic, despite giving away a lot of the tension building plot elements that the book sets ups. Lawrence, no relations to Jennifer, has a great visual eye, seeing how he directed I Am Legend and Constantine. But if this turns out to be as minimalistic and devoid of any life as the first then we’re going to have some problems.

Delivery Man Movie 2013

Delivery Man (Rated PG-13) – November 22 – An affable underachiever finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.

I’m no fan of Vince Vaughn’s loud mouth, know-it-all roles, but Delivery Man feels slightly different. It’s a rather unusual story, a U.S. remake from a French film, Starbuck. Chris Pratt adds a nice presence and I think this is a good change of pace for everyone involved.

Frozen Movie 2013

Frozen (Not Yet Rated) – November 29 – Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

There wasn’t much good buzz coming out of D23 Expo this year, but I’m still remaining optimistic. After Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled, Walt Disney Animation Studios has made good on fans for the past two years; can there be a three-peat? The trailers haven’t been the most effective forms of marketing to instill a sense of hope, but perhaps the marketing team just doesn’t know how to promote it for the demographic it’s going for.

Oldboy Movie 2013

Oldboy (Rated R) – November 29 – Obsessed with vengeance, a man sets out to find out why he was kidnapped and locked up into solitary confinement for 20 years without reason.

Remakes. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re always going to be there. Spike Lee’s Oldboy is coming sharp and quick. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, it looks fairly similar, but manages to take on life of its own; which is good. What really concerns me is if Lee can uphold the same themes and disturbing twist that the original stands on.

Black Nativity Movie 2013

Black Nativity (Not Yet Rated) – November 29 – A street-wise teen from Baltimore who has been raised by a single mother travels to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives, where he embarks on a surprising and inspirational journey.

A family fun musical for the Christmas season. I don’t think Black Nativity will be the next Dreamgirls, but in the season of the holidays it could be heart-warming, right?

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Movie 2013

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Rated PG-13) – November 29 – A chronicle of Nelson Mandela’s life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

Didn’t we just see Morgan Freeman play Nelson Mandela? Why do we need Idris Elba playing him too, just years later? Can we stop with all the period pieces please. Are kids of Hollywood complaining about their history classes that their mommies and daddies have to make movies for them so they can understand the past?

Grace of Monaco Movie 2013

Grace of Monaco (Not Yet Rated) – November 29 – The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.

Here’s another biopic that feels unnecessary and unwanted. Is the tale of Grace Kelly that important that we need a full length feature on the late actress? Let’s hope at least Nicole Kidman does a swell job to make the trip to the cinema worth it.


Out of the Furnace Movie 2013

Out of the Furnace (Not Yet Rated) – December 6 – When Rodney Baze mysteriously disappears and law enforcement fails to follow through, his older brother, Russell, takes matters into his own hands to find justice.

It’s been four years since Scott Cooper unleashed Crazy Heart to the world, his directorial debut feature. How will the filmmaker’s sophomore attempt pan out? With Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana, and Casey Affleck he should be just fine cast wise, we’ll just have to wait and see if the story is as good as it appears to be.

Dallas Buyers Club Movie 2013

Dallas Buyers Club (Rated R) – December 6 Moved up to November 1 – The story of Texas electrician Ron Woodroof and his battle with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies after being diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1986, and his search for alternative treatments that helped established a way in which fellow HIV-positive people could join for access to his supplies.

Matthew McConaughey has been on fire lately. Forget McConaughey the clown from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, we now have McConaughey the actor. With Mud, Magic Mike, Killer Joe, and Bernie under his belt these last few years, his time is now. That doesn’t even look like McConaughey, he’s gone full Bale on us. If his performance and the story hold up as well as he dedication to his transformation of appearance than we are up for one hell of a ride.

Inside Llewyn Davis Movie 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis (Rated R) – December 6 – A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.

The Coen Brothers are back. It’s been three years since True Grit and we’ve been starved without a deep black comedy for quite some time. It’s hard to compare the style and the storytelling finesse of a Coen Brothers picture to anyone else because they have got it down to such a science. Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan are prime for Oscar simply by watching the trailer. It wouldn’t be a Coen Brothers movie without Oscar recognition.

The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Movie 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Not Yet Rated) – December 13 – The Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf have successfully escaped the Misty Mountains, and Bilbo has gained the One Ring. They all continue their journey to get their gold back from the Dragon, Smaug.

Many Tolkien fans were lukewarm on the first film of The Hobbit trilogy. But now that the stakes have been raised, and we know that Bilbo will be meeting face to face with the fearsome dragon Smaug, Peter Jackson is not finished with us quite yet. I leaned more positive on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and especially liked the 48 FPS 3D, but we’ll have to wait and see if the second time around if it won over moviegoers or not.

American Hustle Movie 2013

American Hustle (Not Yet Rated) – December 13 – The story of a con artist and his partner in crime, who were forced to work with a federal agent to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters, and politicians – namely, the volatile mayor of impoverished Camden, New Jersey.

David O. Russell has rounded up his band of merry men and women to embark on yet another fantastic Oscar run. Jennifer Lawrence. Bradley Cooper. Christian Bale. Amy Adams. Jeremy Renner. The gang’s all here. Throw in some 70s hairstyles and inflict greed on all of the characters and you’ve got yourself a party this December.

A Madea Christmas Movie 2013

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (Not Yet Rated) – December 13 – Madea dispenses her unique form of holiday spirit on rural town when she’s coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas.

Hell no.

Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues Trailer Screenshot Champ Kind

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Not Yet Rated) – December 20 Moved ahead to December 18 – With the 70s behind him, San Diego’s top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy, returns to take New York’s first 24-hour news channel by storm.

Now after almost a decade of waiting, Ron Burgundy has returned. Prepare for a new round of one-liners like you’ve never witnessed before. If you thought Anchorman was chocked full of incredible improv and jokes, I expect nothing less from Adam McKay and crew this time around.

The Monuments Man Movie 2013

The Monuments Men (Not Yet Rated) – December 20 – In a race against time, a crew of art historians and museum curators unite to recover renowned works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys them.

George Clooney’s fifth directorial feature is another star studded cast for this year. The Monuments Men hosts the ragtag team of John Goodman, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Cate Blanchett, and Bill Murray. Excited yet? Include the WWII era and amusing buddy war comedy chemistry and we’re all set here.  MOVED TO 2014. 

Saving Mr. Banks Movie 2013

Saving Mr. Banks (Rated PG-13) – December 20 – Author P. L. Travers reflects on her difficult childhood while meeting with filmmaker Walt Disney during production for the adaptation of her eponymous novel.

Tom Hanks as Mr. Walt Disney. There is nothing wrong with that statement. And the trailers and the film clips shown at D23 Expo can attest to the wonderful storytelling and acting Saving Mr. Banks will have in store for audiences come this holiday season. This will be one of the most uplifting, fun, and enjoyable movie to see this December and come awards season you’ll want to be prepared because this is one film you won’t want to miss.

Walk with Dinosaurs 3D Movie 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (Not Yet Rated) – December 20 – For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. “Walking with Dinosaurs” is the ultimate immersive experience, utilizing state of the art 3D to put audiences in the middle of a thrilling and epic prehistoric world, where an underdog dino triumphs to become a hero for the ages.

Um OK?

Her Movie 2013

Her (Not Yet Rated) – December 20 – A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly-purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the voice of Scarlett Johansson. I can buy that. I think Spike Jonze is a wonderful director and filmmaker and I cannot wait to see what this character piece will deliver to my mind.

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street (Not Yet Rated) – November 15 Moved to December 25 – Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Jonah Hill. Matthew McConaughey. Martin Scorsese. Enough said.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie 2013

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Not Yet Rated) – December 27 – An office worker who lives inside fantasy worlds where he gets to live an adventurous life while romancing his co-worker sets off a global journey to fix things when both of their jobs are threatened.

By far one of the most beautiful teaser trailers you will ever set your peepers on, I expect big things from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. From the man that has brought you Tropic Thunder, The Cable Guy, and Zoolander, Ben Stiller has done a great job in the comedy department, but how well prepared is he in drama? There is no dialogue to be heard in the teaser, and there isn’t much to know about Mitty, so we’ll have to wait on first reactions from the New York Film Festival upon its debut.

47 Ronin Movie 2013

47 Ronin (Rated PG-13) – December 27 – A band of samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a ruthless shogun.

Underdevelopment for quite some time, 47 Ronin waits no more. After the trailer had dropped, I think we could have been better off waiting some more.

Jack Ryan Movie 2013

Jack Ryan: Shadow One (Not Yet Rated) – December 27 – Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

All of these spy thrillers are becoming very blurred lately. Kenneth Branagh directed this Tom Clancy novel to depart from the Jack Ryan series of movies of old.  Hopefully Jack Ryan can step away from the Bond/Bourne hijinks and find its own wings because Hollywood definitely wants to make this a franchise based on how hard they fought to try to make this movie. MOVED TO jANUARY 17

Grudge Match Movie 2013

Grudge Match (Rated PG-13) – December 27 – A pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout — 30 years after their last match.

Can we please drop the old actors fighting their way to stay relevant gig already? No one wants to see De Niro and Stallone boxing. No one.

August Osage County Movie 2013

August: Osage County (Rated R) – December 27 – A look at the lives of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose paths have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them.

I’ve not seen the play, but Osage County looks like a bore to me. But when you throw Meryl Streep into the ring you’re bound to find some magic there. Not much is given in the teaser trailer we’ve seen thus far, but the cast is quite stellar. Ewan McGregor, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Margot Martindale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Abigail Breslin, and more make up the Westons and it should be a good family reunion.

Lone Survivor Movie 2013

Lone Survivor (Rated R) – December 27 – Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission “Operation Red Wings”. Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd. Marcus Luttrell was the only member of his team to survive.

You will never be as good as Zero Dark Thirty. I’m Sorry. 

And that’s that. Which movies are you excited to see the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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