66th Annual WGA Awards Nominees; 12 Years a Slave Left Out, Breaking Bad Leads the Pack

66th Annual WGA Awards Nominees Announced

Award announcements keep rolling out, and with the 66th Annual Writers Guild of America Awards nominees unveiled today the road to Oscar has heated up. 12 Years a Slave has been ahead of the pack on many lists, but the WGA has found other films worthy of their Best Adapted Screenplay award. See which movies are in the running for after the break and find out who wins February 1. Continue reading

The 2012-2013 Movie Awards Season Begins

Movie Awards Season 2012 - 2013

Now that we’ve gotten the 1000th post out of the way, it’s back to business. The long, short road to the Oscars is here. Within just a few months, movie studios will have tossed bags of cash into the Hollywood circuit, hoping their films are at the top of voter’s minds before the shiny gold figures are awarded. Nomination announcements begin Monday, December 3, and from there we start our journey into awards season madness. Check out the full schedule after the break. Continue reading