T-He: “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”

Funny or Die usually has some flops on their websites, but sometimes they can pull something out of their talented hat and create something spectacular like this Weird Al Yankovic spoof movie trailer. If this was a real movie, I would definitely be purchasing a ticket. Continue reading


Big Casting News for Transformers 3, Pirates 4, and Captain America

There has a been a lot of epic casting as of late for three very giant films coming up within the next few years. Chris Evans, Ian McShane, Penelope Cruz, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, and Ken Jeong have all been confirmed to be a parts of in the mega franchises of Transformers, Captain America, and Pirates of the Caribbean. To find out who is casted in what and how they will be a part of these films continue reading after the jump!

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Charlie Schmidt’s new cat, Bento, has stepped up to the plate to reincarnate Fatso and is in prime shape for musical exploitation and continue the legacy of Keyboard Cat!

A Goofy Movie Shot For Shot Live Action Sequence

This fun live action short recreation of Disney’s A Goofy Movie was created by Ted Sowards. All it took to create this fun piece was with a lot of help of friends, $100, Final Cut Studio, fun and a lot of time. It is really cool to see how far they went with their creativity  as it is basically shot for shot. You can check out the video as it has a side by side comparison if you continue reading after the jump!

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Neato: Worth 1000’s Mate A Movie 15

DutchPuh's Pandora Twilight

The creative host, Worth1000.com, that gives many graphic artists a place to upload their fun work and give younglings tutorials on graphic design have come out with their 15th annual “Mate a Movie 15” poster mash-up design contest winners. There are a lot of funny ones, a lot about Avatar, and I have a good amount here (most of which are my favorites). You can check them out if you keep reading after the jump!

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Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures, Just Because

Victoria’s Secret released official Marisa Miller photos from their bikini catalog or something and gee golly. These aren’t the sexiest poses ever, as they were just for a bikini catalog, but it is Marisa Miller in a bikini so you really can’t complain here. You can check out the lot of them (there are a lot of them) if you continue reading!

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Propaganda in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Joe Corroney is an artist who has done artwork for LucasFilm and the Star Wars universe for various projects ranging from books, games, and trading cards since 1997. You can check out Joe’s website, JoeCorroney.com and check out all his other artwork and purchase it.  You can see his propaganda posters after the jump!

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Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

The tenth annual Bitter Cold Showdown aggressive inline battle contest commenced last month in Michigan. Stunts went down, people got thrown out of hotel rooms, and winners were crowned. This is a monumental event towards the roll series finals to get some points in and this was an epic showdown. Keep reading to see who won and the edit created by Brazil.

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Formally The Baster, The Switch Trailer

Formally known as “The Baster,” The Switch (which is a horrible name) looks potentially funny, but will probably be a bust. The only thing that will save this movie from being dull is Jeff Goldblum probably. Jason Bateman reminds me of an grown up Michael Cera with Jennifer Aniston as the love interest. Sort of a odd premise for a RomCom, but probably won’t be as great as the actors will lead it to be. You can view the trailer after the jump!

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Robert Rodriguez’s Predators Gets a Trailer

Robert Rodriguez’s Predators finally gets a teaser trailer that makes the franchise look like it has gained some new life. Very dark and low key about an absolute premise, but we do get a general detail. Looks very action packed and with Robert Rodriguez at the helm, there is sure to be some gun slinging excellence. Take a look at the trailer after the jump!

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