Comic-Con 2014: ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ Poster Debut

Comic-Con 2014 'The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies' Poster Debut

In anticipation for their Comic-Con panel on Saturday for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Warner Bros. has released an exclusive SDCC poster. Featuring the dragon Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) hovering over Lake-own, there is only one man standing between him and total destruction, Bard (Luke Evans). Check out the full poster after the break. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2014: Complete Saturday Panel Schedule

Comic-Con 2014 Complete Saturday Panel Schedule

If Thursday and Friday did not satisfy your craving of big names coming to SDCC, Saturday will certainly wet your whistle. Comic-Con 2014 has released its Saturday panel schedule, which includes The Hobbit, Mad Max, Gotham, Sailor Moon, Sin City, Marvel Studios, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, and the cosplay Masquerade. Check out the full schedule of panels after the break. Continue reading

WonderCon 2014: Saturday Schedule

WonderCon-2013-Anaheim Friday Schedule

Saturday’s schedule for WonderCon 2014 is filled to the brim with amazing panels that will tide you over until San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Big studio panels from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox are bringing some of this year’s most anticipated films, such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Maze Runner. If fans want to avoid the big panels, there are advanced screenings of Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time, The Blacklist. But I know what you’re really looking forward to is a sneak peak at The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Check out the full program schedule after the break. Continue reading

The Hobbit Trilogy Release Dates and Title Changes

The Hobbit Trilogy Release Dates and Titles

And here we thought Peter Jackson was just pulling a fast one on us back at Comic-Con 2012. Nope! It has been confirmed that The Hobbit will be transformed into a trilogy instead of a two-part film. Apparently, Mr. Jackson was able to film so much additional footage that Warner Bros. just couldn’t say no – and who could blame them? This franchise will clean up the box office just like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Read on to see what they retitled the second film and when you can expect There and Back Again to be released. Continue reading

First Look: The Dwarves of The Hobbit

Pre-Comic-Con, images of individual and groups of dwarves from Peter Jackson’s upcoming film The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again have been sprouting up. Now I’m not quite sure if someone Photoshopped all of them together or if this is an official image, but I really like this group shot of the infamous 12 dwarves from the classic J.R.R. Tolkien book The Hobbit.

There is a really great sense of place with their costume design. They all seem to fit perfectly within Peter Jackson’s Midde-Earth realm from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Could Mr. Jackson be setting up for another Oscar run? Perhaps, but I’m not going to hold my breath. With the way Harry Potter was split up, I don’t put too much faith in movies that are part of a whole. What do you think of the 12 dwarves abound to take back their gold from the evil dragon Smaug?

[HuffPo] From left to right, we welcome Jed Brophy as Nori, Dean O’Gorman as Fili, Mark Hadlow as Dori, James Nesbitt as Bofur, Peter Hambleton as Gloin, Graham McTavish as Dwalin, Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, Ken Stott as Balin, John Callen as Oin, Stephen Hunter as Bombur, William Kircher as Bifur, Adam Brown as Ori and Aidan Turner as Kili.

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