WonderCon 2015 Saturday Cosplay Photo Gallery [200+ Images!]

From Attack on Titan flash mobs to wild Daleks running around the Anaheim Convention Center, cosplayers were out in full force at this year’s WonderCon. Saturday was definitely the busiest day of the con, perfect for cosplay connoisseurs to strut their stuff. Comic-Con may be the mecca for cosplayers to showoff their creativity, but don’t count out WonderCon. There were a ton of amazing cosplayers this year that were not just creative, but pretty high quality too.

Observations that occurred:

  • Her character was only announced earlier this year and already Spider-Gwen has become a widely popular character
  • There were a lot fewer Attack on Titan fans in Scout Regiment garb than I am using to seeing at cons
  • However, Kill la Kill has definitely blown up over the past year
  • Although I didn’t get any pics of them, there were quite a lot of Korras I saw running around in the distance
  • Game of Thrones and DC Comics’ characters were the most seen on Saturday, enough so that that they formed their own gatherings in the fountain plaza
  • Big Hero 6, especially Honey Lemon, has also become a very beloved character to cosplay
  • Aside from the Griff Tanen, I was surprised by the lack of Back to the Future cosplayer as it’s 2015
  • Elsa from Frozen has become the new Slave Leia
  • I didn’t see any Trekkies?
  • The Walking Dead cosplayers from Reel Guise resemble their actor counterparts too eerily close. You might recall seeing the Carol on Talking Dead if you watch it
  • And of course the Deadpools were Deadpooling

And from the images below, you’ll notice that some cosplayers are acting out of character. That’s because, either last year or the year before, I figured that as much fun as people have creating their outfits and becoming the characters they are also fans too. So to humanize the whole culture of cosplay I’ve been asking them to pose out of character in either wacky poses or making silly derp faces. This series of abnormal poses has created some really fun character moments for both cosplayers and fans alike.

[Note: If you see yourself and would like a hi-res version of the photo without the watermark, please e-mail me at turntherightcorner@gmail.com]

[Note 2: If you do take an image, please provide photo credit through my Instagram or Twitter @TyRawrrnosaurus or this website, TurnTheRightCorner.com. Thanks!]

[Note 3: Check out all the cosplay images from Sunday >HERE<]

We hope you enjoy our WonderCon 2015 cosplay photo gallery!

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Cosplay Credits (if I didn’t list you and you want credit for your cosplay let me know!):

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