‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Cast Introductions; Hear Rocket Raccoon’s Voice for the First Time

Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer Prisoner Lineup

This week, Marvel Studios introduced the first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, and now we have the privilege to learn what the cast has to say about their respective characters. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel sit down to briefly chat about their roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and how they relate to them. Plus we get our first listen to what Rocket Raccoon will sound like! Check out the five short character introductions after the break. Continue reading

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First Look at Pixar’s Newest Short Film ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Pixar Blue Umbrella First Look

From Pixar Animation Studios, director Saschka Unseld and producer Marc Greenberg presents The Blue Umbrella. This new short film feature brings love back to its roots. A boy meets girl story, one can only imagine how sincere and affectionate Pixar will take this cute little movie. Check out a clip along with the poster after the break. Continue reading

Watch Two Spoiler-Free Clips from ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’

Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Clips

With its big screen debut this weekend, Oz The Great and Powerful looks to break the box office slump and bring back some energy to theaters. Walt Disney Pictures has graciously released two spoiler-free clips from the film that are completely polar opposite in content. Check out squabbling witches and bubble transportation after the jump. Continue reading

‘Iron Man 3′ Super Bowl 47 Extended Spot (26 Screenshots)

Iron Man 3 Super Bowl 47 Extended Trailer

Audiences were given more than a treat during this year’s Super Bowl XLVII when the new promo spot for Iron Man 3 aired. The marketing team continues to do a fantastic job giving away only a taste of what’s to come, never revealing too much. After the big game, Marvel Studios released an extended look at the TV spot along with an introduction by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) himself. Watch the trailer and view screenshots after the break. Continue reading

Learn More About R from the First Four Minutes of ‘Warm Bodies’

Warm Bodies Four Minute Preview

Before you place any negative judgements about Warm Bodies, I must ask you to watch this clip that previews the first four minutes of the film. Within this opening sequence, Warm Bodies establishes a great separation among other zombie flicks we’ve seen before. I invite you to become a believer and check out the clip after the break. Continue reading

Four Spoiler-Free Clips from ‘Wreck-it Ralph’

Wreck-it Ralph Movie Clips

If you have yet to be convinced to go see Wreck-it Ralph, we’ve got four movie clips that could tip you over the fence for your hard earned dollars. Wreck-it Ralph is a delightful film filled with witty video game humor and tons of heart. In my mind, these four clips host no spoilers and are just extensions of scenes from the full theatrical trailer. Check them out after the jump. Continue reading

Five Short Clips Release from Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie Clips

Never big on seeing movie clips before the actual movie releases, I had to check out what the fuss has been about for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have given a second thought in seeing a Tim Burton flick, but nowone could doubt Mr. Burton’s creative abilities – especially after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderlandand Dark Shadows. Five clips have been released for Frakenweenie and although they erase some of my worries, I still reserve some precaution. Continue reading

Say Hello to David in ‘Prometheus’ Viral Marketing

Michael Fassbender David Prometheus

There is something eerie about Michael Fassbender and having him play the role of an android. In Prometheus, his portrayal of David feels like the perfect fit for him. An incredible viral marketing video has been uploaded to help us understand where David comes from and how he will relate to Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Continue reading

Spoil Yourself With Six Minutes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

So you say you just can’t wait one more week until you get your Harry Potter fix? You honestly would rather see a few clips in order to pump yourself up for what is surely to become one of the greatest endings  to a cinematic saga of all time? Well you’re in luck because I’m here to spoil the pants off of you.

I hate spoilers, I won’t do it anymore. After what Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did with their marketing campaign two years ago, I will not even watch a TV spot to a movie anymore. They seriously showed all of the action scenes from that movie and for as terrible as it was, if you showcase all of your money shots before anyone sees the movie, than what’s left?

But fear not my friends as I will openly give you the chance to ruin Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 for yourself if you deem it necessary. Cinema Blend has eight clips that will quench your thirst for Harry Potter. I have not watched them myself as I stated just a mere paragraph ago that I LOATHE spoilers, but I am giving this to you because I am not mean or greedy. If you like the spoiler thing, than be my guest. Go straight to CinemaBlend.com right now to check out what is in store in the final chapter of the Harry Potter epic.

SDCC ’09: Kick-Ass Clip

This is a clip from Mark Millar’s live action adaptation of his comic book, Kick-Ass. The story is about Dave Lizewski, Aaron Johnson, a high school student who reads comic books and forms his own superhero persona, Kick-Ass. This film has no release date as of yet, but hopefully it will come out soon.