Neato: Website Calculates How Many Days You Have Spent Watching TV

Website Total Time Spent Watching TV Calculator

Have you ever wanted to know how many days you have spent watching TV? Now you can with a simple website that calculates your time spent in front of the boob tube down to the very minute. The results may shock and disgust you. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading

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Neato: Listen to Frozen’s “Let it Go” in 25 Different Languages

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa Gloves
With the rise in fame of Disney’s critically and commercially acclaimed blockbuster, Frozen, the House of Mouse has recently release the full-length video version of “Let it Go” in 25 different languages. This special video of the two time Oscar nominated animated feature is the same sequence you would have seen in the movie except they have expertly cut and edited the scene as if Elsa could speak all 25 languages. It’s brilliant. Watch the full video after the break. Continue reading

Neato: Assorted Fun Facts from ‘The Conjuring’ and Blu-Ray Giveaway

Fun Facts You Didn't Know About The Conjuring and Blu-Ray Giveaway

The Conjuring is no doubt one of the most frightening movies you will have seen in the last decade. James Wan has elevated himself to a level of horror that many directors only dream of. Scaring up over $300 million worldwide at the box office on a $20 million budget is quite the accomplishment. But there are plenty of facts aside from the box office numbers that make the production of The Conjuring much more interesting. After the break, learn more about the film and how you can win a Blu-ray combo pack. Continue reading

WonderCon 2013 Cosplay Gallery

WonderCon 2013 Heroine Legends Cosplay

Like any comic-centric convention, WonderCon is very familiar with those who like to dress up and cosplay. As the little sister to the San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon is almost a preview of what’s in-store this summer. There were a lot of great cosplayers out and about on the Anaheim Convention Center floor, check out the image gallery of some of the best from Saturday’s visit. Continue reading

Neato: Fantastic Fan Videos Inspired by Dexter’s Theme Song

Dexter Saul Bass Opening Title Sequence

To amp you up for the season 7 premiere of Dexter tonight, I am providing you with these two spectacular recreations of the opening theme song, “Morning Routine.” Music can make or break a television series. An original theme song can bring viewers to a deeper emotional level with every viewing if done well. Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Office, and Friends are all a part of this community. See what these two fans have done to pay their respects to the original music created by Rolfe Kent. Continue reading

Neato: ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Cancan and Marimba Tributes

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Arguably, The Legend of Zelda is one of the best video game franchises of this known world. More so, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the best games ever created. Period. When you combine the awesome power of Zelda with the geeking power of those who are enamored with our green tunic wearing hero then all balance is fully restored to the nerdosphere. Continue reading

Neato: Fan Created Harry Potter Criterion Collection

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 Criterion Collection Patrick Sullivan

With the impeding release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II and Harry Potter: The Complete Collection coming later this month, I felt it only necessary to make you aware of this amazing fan-made Criterion Collection of all of the Harry Potter films. Patrick Sullivan, a recent graduate of Cooper Union, created for his senior portfolio an amazing design of a complete collection of the Harry Potter films if they were distributed by The Criterion Collection. Go on ahead to see every design and box-set art for his project! Continue reading

Neato: Movie Scenes Recreated Through Toys

Toy Story 3 Andy and Bonnie Playing

As a kid, your playtime could stretch boundaries as far as your imagination would let you. With your toy collection anything was possible and you could play out scenarios the way you wanted them to be seen.

As an adult, we rarely get the chance to have that childlike wonderment with all of the issues going on that have to be worried about. But sometimes there are those who take a minute to appreciate the little things and enjoy what they have.

Edward McGowan, professional photographer (I believe this is the same guy who hosts this website), has recreated infamous movie scenes through the use of some “child’s play things.” Check out scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Sin City, and Indiana Jones after the break! Continue reading

Neato: The Future Timeline According to Film

What lies ahead of us? Where will mankind be 100 years, 500 years, or even 100 years into the future? We’ll never know, but if you are a film advocate like myself then you know that it can either get really freaking fantastic or go downhill anytime now. Check out the full awesome inforgraphic timeline after the jump!

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Neato: Harry Potter Imagined as a Disney Characters

It’s only a matter of time before something like this is going to happen. I don’t think J.K. Rowling’s gold throne in her platinum mansion with her diamond crown is going to suit her much longer if the Harry Potter franchise loses its steam. So why not make it into a marketable cartoon of hijinks and teenage woe? You can find a full list of character concepts after the jump!

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